Effective skin treatments

against age spots

How can the appearance of age spots be improved?

There are various, fairly 'aggressive' ways of removing age spots, such as chemical peels and laser treatment. Prescription-strength retinoids (creams containing vitamin A derivatives) will trigger growth of new cells, fading unwanted spots in the process, but can be too harsh for your skin, causing dryness, redness and flaking. 

Spotner Face & Décolletage and Spotner Hands & Body have revolutionized the treatment of age spots. The innovative combination of botanical extracts and alpha-arbutin is released through the pen's soft tip. This allows for highly precise, target application of the product, avoiding the halo effect of many other products.

While a combination of Spotner's ingredients work as a fading cream, decreasing existing age spots, others provide the necessary UV (A+B) filters to prevent the formation of new age spots. And the alpha-hydroxy acids in Spotner help to increase the regeneration rate of your skin.



Don't wait too long before treating your age spots with Spotner Hands & Body and Spotner Face & Decolleté!