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How do age spots develop?

Do I have age spots?

How can I prevent age spots?

Can I use Spotner on freckles and birthmarks?

Can I use Spotner during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Can I use Spotner when taking prescription medication?

Can I use Spotner if I have irritated or sensitive skin?

Can I use Spotner in combination with other skincare products?

Can I share my Spotner pen with someone else?

Is it safe to apply Spotner pen on age spots on chest, scalp, and face?

Will Spotner affect the skin around age spots?

What are the ingredients of Spotner Hands & Body and Face & Decolleté ?

How do the ingredients in Spotner Hands & Body and Spotner Face & Decolleté work?

When will I see first results?

For how long do I have to apply Spotner?

For how long do the Spotner products last?

Is it safe to use Spotner over a long period of time?

Will the age spots reappear, once I have stopped using Spotner?

Can I use Spotner during the summer?